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This policy applies to all operations at our offices in Newcastle-under-Lyme.

adgiftsonline Limited (The Company), is committed to adhering to all Environmental Legislation, when relevant to our operations.  The Company aims to strive for continual improvement and to review potential environmental impacts of all activities in the supply of promotional merchandise.

The development & continual expansion of adgiftsonline’s range of recycled, organic, biodegradable and energy efficient products shows our commitment to encourage our customer base to follow these principles.

adgiftsonline Limited will commit to the reuse and recovery of waste, as opposed to disposal wherever possible.

adgiftsonline Limited will strive for continual improvement in environmental performance through setting objectives and targets in selection of new and developing product ranges.

adgiftsonline Limited will ensure staff and contractors are aware of environmental performance requirements and are trained and competent in environmental matters.

adgiftsonline Limited will engage in dialogue with suppliers to encourage their participation in environmental best practice.

adgiftsonline Limited will are aware of the environmental impacts of our transport operations and seeks to reduce them where practicable through the use of public transport and the reduction/coordination of deliveries.

adgiftsonline Limited will produce an annual environmental report to set out progress to employees, regulators, customers, suppliers, and other interested parties.

This policy is available to all stakeholders through our website www.adgiftsonline.com.

The Company reserves the right to amend and update this Policy at any time.